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Romina Meier est devenue célèbre sur Instagram en moins d’un an et, de par son style avant-gardiste et son attitude franche, est aujourd’hui une véritable source d’inspiration pour des milliers d’abonnés. iDeal of Sweden s’est associé à cette influenceuse allemande, plus connue sous le pseudo de @DonnaRomina, pour concevoir une collection tout à fait exceptionnelle.Tour à tour chic et luxueuse, espiègle et expressive, la collection Donna Romina témoigne à la fois du style personnel de la blogueuse, de son don pour l’élégance et de son amour des voyages. Elle comprend quatre nouvelles coques inédites aux motifs contrastés savamment conçus pour faire de chacune d’entre elles un élément qui ne passe pas inaperçu. Des imprimés animaux résolus aux ornements majestueux en passant par des formes inspirées de la nature, chaque pièce devient une nouvelle référence.

Khaki Snake

Les imprimés animaliers sont parmi les préférés de tous les temps, et plus tendance que jamais ! En particulier, la peau de serpent connaît un grand succès et a été aperçue sur tous les derniers défilés : la preuve que ce motif extravagant n'est pas prêt de disparaître. Avec son imprimé classique aux tons ocre, Khaki Snake ne manquera pas de donner à votre tenue un côté audacieux !

Salt Water Marble

Tumultueux et dramatique, mais aussi paisible et serein. Parce qu'il peut passer du calme à la tempête en une fraction de seconde, l'océan nous fascine. Avec sa palette de couleurs chatoyantes allant du bleu au turquoise en passant par des notes de blanc, le modèle Salt Water Marble nous évoque le parfum salé du grand large. La pierre d'agate à la texture caractéristique vient compléter ce design unique : idéal pour égayer votre quotidien !

Marigold Leo

Rien n'est trop beau pour ce modèle spectaculaire qui respire le luxe et l’abondance. Inspiré du style somptueux et opulent de la période baroque, il comporte, sur fond gris clair, un imprimé léopard classique ornementé d’un motif doré audacieux. Le résultat ? Une coque luxueuse, à l'élégance et l'extravagance uniques, qui n'est pas sans rappeler Versace. Marigold Leo attire tous les regards et sublime entièrement votre tenue !

Mother Earth

Avec ce modèle de rêve aux tons bleus et verts, le monde entier tient dans votre main. Inspirée de la terre-mère, cette coque fait des diverses facettes de notre planète si fascinante un seul et même concept artistique : de l'océan profond aux nuages rêveurs, en passant par des paysages verdoyants. Visibles dans les défilés de haute couture des grandes maisons, les imprimés photo plus que réalistes sont les chouchous de cette saison. Osez rêver avec ce modèle espiègle !

Meet Donna Romina

Romina Meier may have become an Instagram superstar in only a year, but behind the scenes, the petite German is still the girl next door. We met up with the 24-year-old influencer to discuss her life and business, along with what it means to be authentic on social media.

Creating a business from her passion for fashion hasn’t always been on Romina’s radar. “I never thought I would earn money with my hobby,” says the popular blogger. That’s why completing her education before becoming a full-time blogger was very important to Romina.

In January 2018, the influencer was ready to take the leap and turn her blog into a business. With more time on her hands to focus on her social media career, things quickly started to pick up speed and her Instagram @DonnaRomina rapidly gained a huge following.

“During my education, I had no time to produce content every day or communicate with my followers via stories,” Romina explains. “Every Sunday, I produced content for my social media channels for the entire week.”

Today, Romina is fulfilling her dream of working in the fashion industry. What started out as a small blog has developed into a wildly successful business. “I always knew I had a creative mind and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer,” she reflects. With her latest collection for iDeal of Sweden, the German influencer is one step closer to her dream.

Romina’s collection is a sneak peak into an exciting year to come. “My 2018 was super wild like waves, and I’ve seen many new places,” Romina shares. “The Mother Earth case is a little reminder of how much more there is to see. I want to travel even more, explore different places and cultures.”

If Romina had to choose a favorite design, it would be Marigold Leo, which replicates the wild side of the leopard while conveying a chic vibe, thanks to luxurious baroque elements. This case truly has Donna Romina written all over it.

Romina’s popular styles are always wearable. They’re perfect for everyday wear and downtime. Each look highlights the influencer’s edge and coolness. She finds inspiration in many places, especially Instagram and fashion magazines. Even though Romina is an influencer herself, she is often inspired by others, as well as the things around her. “I look up to Hailey Baldwin,” she reveals. “I love her style… Every look is 100% me! I also think she is super kind and good at heart.”

Romina’s success speaks for itself. With nearly 300k followers, she has developed her very own formula for success: honesty, positivity, and always being down-to-earth.

“I’m always honest, and I also tell my followers when I don‘t like something,” she admits. “I don‘t have a typical “blogger lifestyle.” I’m a normal girl who is still interested in education and living a normal life besides my social media career.”

Thanks to her authentic content and versatile style, thousands of people can identify with Romina. “My pictures are always taken spontaneously,” she tells us.

Romina sees her greatest strength as relating to others and showing empathy. She believes nothing is more important than trusting your instincts.

“Always listen to your heart and stay honest with yourself,” she encourages. “Do what you love… Money isn‘t everything. It is so much more important to be happy; otherwise you will never have a successful career.”

Despite the fact that Romina must be available 24/7 and always keep an eye on her phone, she truly loves her job. She has the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, live her passion for fashion and follow her dream of one day building her own brand.

No matter what the future holds, you can be sure to expect great things from this petite superstar! Her collaboration with iDeal of Sweden is a beautiful glimpse of what’s to come!

“I always knew I had a creative mind and dreamed of becoming a fashion designer”

iDeal Of Sweden

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